Improving The Health Of Our Trees

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3 Good Reasons To Trim Your Trees

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The trees in your yard require care in order to thrive. Sometimes that care includes a little trimming. Trimming can be helpful when done in moderation to your trees. You never want to overdo it when it comes to trimming your trees. The three best reasons to trim and prune your trees is for your safety, the health of your tree, and lastly for aesthetic reasons. Safety Reasons One of the best reasons to trim your trees is for the safety of you and your tree. Read More»

Reasons To Rake The Leaves Off Your Lawn In The Fall

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The arrival of autumn can make you feel relieved to put up your feet and relax after spending all summer caring for your lawn. Before the snow flies, however, it’s important to still give some thought to the condition of your lawn and, in particular, the fallen leaves that likely cover it. Raking your leaves in the fall can be a time-consuming effort, especially if you have a large yard — and this work can also be difficult if you have back pain. Read More»