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Reasons To Rake The Leaves Off Your Lawn In The Fall

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The arrival of autumn can make you feel relieved to put up your feet and relax after spending all summer caring for your lawn. Before the snow flies, however, it's important to still give some thought to the condition of your lawn and, in particular, the fallen leaves that likely cover it. Raking your leaves in the fall can be a time-consuming effort, especially if you have a large yard — and this work can also be difficult if you have back pain. However, it's important to get the job done, even if you'd rather hire a lawn care service to do the work for you. Here are some reasons to get rid of the leaves in the fall. 

They Can Inhibit Springtime Growth

When spring arrives, you want your grass to grow as quickly as possible. However, if the rotted remains of the leaves are still present, they can inhibit the growth of the grass — and this can significantly delay the amount of time it takes for your yard to have a thick lawn with plenty of curb appeal. If you attempt to rake up the leaves in the spring, the tines of your rake can dig down into the dirt and interfere with the roots of the grass, thus causing further problems.

They Can Keep The Ground Soft

Your yard will often be very soft once the snow melts, and it can take several days' of warm temperatures and sunny conditions for the dirt to harden up. Unfortunately, when the leaves remain on your lawn, they can hold the moisture in the ground. This can be problematic because the ground will stay soft, and can thus be at risk of damage. For example, if your children are playing in the yard or people are even occasionally walking across the lawn, their feet can sink in and leave marks. Later on, it may take considerable effort to get your yard smooth again.

They May Be Problematic For Children With Allergies

Because the leaves can hold moisture against the lawn and keep everything damp, seasonal mold can often grow. If you have children with mold allergies, they may experience symptoms just from being out in the yard and breathing the air. You'll want to keep your children indoors when the yard is moldy because of the presence of the leaves, but this can be an unpopular decision, given that children are usually eager to get outside once spring arrives. By hiring a lawn care service to rake your yard in the fall, you'll avoid such problems.

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