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3 Good Reasons To Trim Your Trees

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The trees in your yard require care in order to thrive. Sometimes that care includes a little trimming. Trimming can be helpful when done in moderation to your trees. You never want to overdo it when it comes to trimming your trees. The three best reasons to trim and prune your trees is for your safety, the health of your tree, and lastly for aesthetic reasons.

Safety Reasons

One of the best reasons to trim your trees is for the safety of you and your tree. There are a variety of different safety situations where trimming is the appropriate way to address the issue.

For example, if the tree's branches cross over the roof of your home, you should prune back the branches. If the branch were to fall for any reason, it could damage your home.

Or if your tree's branches have grown and now extend over a power line, this presents a safety issue. Your trees could be damaged by the electrical current, and if the branch moves in the wind, it could damage your electrical line. 

Or, if your tree has grown next to your driveway, and is not getting in the way of your view, that is another safety reason to trim your tree.

Health Reasons

Trees experience health issues just like people do. If you notice any branches that appear dead and lacking growth, they should be removed. They could be infected, and removing the diseased or dead branch could save your tree.

When the branches of your trees become too crowded, they will fail to grow and thrive. The best way to address this is to thin out the crown of your tree a little bit. This can help encourage airflow and allow all of the leaves on your tree to get the sunlight they need.

Aesthetic Reasons

Finally, the last reason you should prune a tree is for aesthetic reasons. You may want to prune a tree to keep the branches from getting too wild or to keep the tree from getting too big. You can also trim your tree to shape it, but if you shape it, make sure that you work with the natural shape of the tree and don't trim the tree in a way that creates an unnatural shape.

The key to pruning your tree, no matter the reason, is to make sure that you make nice and clean cuts that will heal properly. Also, when in doubt, it is better to prune less away from your tree than more. You don't want to shock your tree. Finally, with most trees, the best time to prune them is when they are still dormant, in the late winter and early spring.

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