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4 Alternatives To Dry Grass And Dead Plants In Arid Landscaping Design

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Climate change and severe summer droughts are the enemies of your green landscaping. If you live in an area that already has hot, arid weather, these problems may cause grass and plants around your home to die, and your landscaping to look dead and bear. To solve this problem, you want to know what type of alternatives work best for landscaping in an arid summer climate. Here are some tips to help you find the right alternatives to grass and traditional landscaping plants for your landscaping design:

1. Replacing Your Lawn with Natural Looking Artificial Turf

Having a grass lawn means that there is a lot of work that needs to be done to maintain it. In addition to cutting the grass, you also need to fertilize it, water it and seed it to keep it green and healthy. Today, there are alternatives to grass with realistic artificial turf that requires less care and less watering.

2. Arid and Native Plants and Trees for A Hardier Landscaping Design with Plant Life

If you live in a dry desert-like climate, it does not make sense to have landscaping full of plants that are native to tropical and sub-tropical climates. Instead, consider using plants that thrive in arid, dry climates like the one you live in. Often, you do not have to look far for the right plants because native fauna from the area where you live will work well in your landscaping and require little care. In addition, choosing the right native trees for your property will help protect against problems with trees that require removal or cause hazards to people and property. If you choose native trees for your landscaping, a tree service can help`with trimming and other care for trees, shrubs and other plants that need regular pruning. 

3. Hardscaping to Reduce Irrigation Needs in Landscaping Design

Hardscaping is a great way to reduce the irrigation of needs of your landscaping design. Common hardscaping features around your home include things like retaining walls, paths and patios. There are also other features that you may want so like ground coverings for flowerbeds and to replace grass lawns. Today, there are modern ground cover materials that are porous materials made of recycled plastic and rubber for a greener landscaping design.

4. Integrating Rain Collection and Grey Water Recycling into Landscaping Design

Integrating grey water into the design of your landscaping with irrigation is a great way to make your plants more drought resistant. In addition to greywater that comes from the appliances, adding rain collection systems to collect water from your roof that drains into the gutters is an affordable and practical solution to have more water resources for your landscaping irrigation needs.

These are some tips to help find the right alternatives to use in your arid landscaping design. If you need help with some of these improvements, contact a tree service, like Noble Tree Service Inc. , for help with caring for native trees and plants in your landscaping.