Improving The Health Of Our Trees

3 Reasons To Prune Your Trees Regularly

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Providing Aesthetic Appeal When it comes to curating a neighborhood’s aesthetics, often regulations are put in place that mandate particular types of trees or maintenance. This helps ensure landscapes maintain a certain visual quality that keep the neighborhood looking neat and attractive. Sometimes large trees can obscure views and are trimmed to prevent hindering the horizon. Office parks and shopping malls maintain a particular visual style through trimming their trees, which becomes a part of their brand’s image. Read More»

Structural Pruning Tips For Young Shade Trees

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Structural pruning is a must if you want your young shade trees to grow to be balanced with a healthy framework of main branches. This type of pruning is generally reserved for deciduous trees and it is best done when the trees are young, usually beginning in the year of or the year following planting. Plan to complete structural pruning in late winter, when the trees are still dormant. The only exception is those that are high sap producers in spring, like birch and maples. Read More»

Five Different Types Of Tree Pruning, And How They Help

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Tree trimming involves removing unwanted branches. However, it is not as simple as it sounds because you have to identify the right limbs to remove and still leave the tree healthy and strong. Also, only careful trimming will help you achieve your objective. This is why there are different forms of tree trimming such as these five: 1. Directional Trimming This is what you need if the tree if you don’t want branches on one side of the tree. Read More»