Improving The Health Of Our Trees

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Deer Damage And Your Landscape Trees

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Living close to nature can be rewarding, but it can also be hard on your landscaping. Deer in particular can be damaging. They don’t just browse on flowers and shrubbery, they can also kill trees on your property as they seek forage.  Types of Damage Deer will chew the bark off a tree in order to reach the nutrient-rich cambium layer below. This type of damage is common primarily in winter when other sources of food may not be readily available. Read More»

Stump Removal Basics For Homeowners

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Cutting down a dead or dying tree is only one part of the equation. You must also address the stump that is left behind. Although stumps may seem harmless, there are good reasons for removing them and many benefits for doing so quickly. Stump Concerns Stumps left behind can pose many concerns. One alarming concern is that stumps can welcome a colony of feasting termites onto your property. As they deplete the stump, they will look for a new target and this could very well be your home. Read More»

4 Times When Tree Removal Would Be Advisable

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Trees can be a part of the existing landscaping when you purchase your home, or they may have been a conscious addition you added to the yard yourself. No matter what, there are so many benefits trees offer. However, there are also plenty of problems a tree can cause if it is the wrong tree, a tree in the wrong spot, or a tree suffering from major issues. If a tree is more of a problem than an asset, then you might want to consider tree removal. Read More»