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4 Times When Tree Removal Would Be Advisable

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Trees can be a part of the existing landscaping when you purchase your home, or they may have been a conscious addition you added to the yard yourself. No matter what, there are so many benefits trees offer. However, there are also plenty of problems a tree can cause if it is the wrong tree, a tree in the wrong spot, or a tree suffering from major issues. If a tree is more of a problem than an asset, then you might want to consider tree removal. This is going to be the only way to 100% prevent any and all future problems from arising due to that tree. Here are 4 reasons for having a tree removed from your yard: 

1: A Tree Is Working Against the Intended Landscape

If there is a tree in your yard that is working against the landscape design you are trying to achieve, then it may be best to have it removed. An example of how a tree can do this would be having a large palm tree growing in a yard where you are trying to achieve a mountain cottage vibe with the landscape. A palm tree would be better suited toward yards with a tropical beach landscape. 

2: A Tree Has Been Damaged in a Storm

No matter how much you love a tree in your yard, if it has been significantly damaged in a storm, you want to make sure it is safe and still healthy. If you learn the tree has been too damaged, then it should be removed. Wind or lightning are a couple of things that can cause serious tree damage. 

3: A Tree Is Growing in a Problematic Way

There are many ways a tree can grow that can cause future problems for you. A tree can be too close to the home or another structure, a pool, the neighbor's property, the plumbing, or to the power lines, for example. If the tree is going to end up doing damage as it gets taller, or with its roots as they grow longer, then it should be removed. 

4: A Tree Is Diseased

When a tree is diseased or is infested with pests, then this s something that can spread to your other trees. It is something you should take seriously. If you have the tree looked at, and it's determined that the issue is beyond what can be helped, then it should be removed.

For more information about when to remove a tree, contact a tree removal service near you.