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Why You Should Have Old Tree Stumps Removed From Your Yard

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You should consider hiring a contractor or company for the tree stump removal services that they offer if you have one or more stumps in your yard. A lot of people make the mistake of just leaving the stumps after a tree has fallen or has been cut down. But there are a lot of downsides to doing that. To help you learn why you should opt for professional tree stump removal, you will want to consider reading the following:

You Don't Want Regrowth

Depending on the tree and how it was cut, you could end up with regrowth from the stump. This means that the roots of the tree are alive and strong and from the stump of the old tree, a new little tree can grow. You will either have to make sure that you are on top of the task of cutting the new growth whenever it pops up or you will end up with another huge tree eventually. To remove the risk of that happening, you will simply need to have the stump completely removed.

You Don't Want Anyone Getting Hurt

The last thing you would want is for anyone to trip and fall because they didn't notice the stump in the ground. Even people who are well aware of the existence and location of the tree stump could accidentally fall because of it because of a slight oversight. To make sure that the tree stump is completely removed and that the yard is filled in and leveled out properly, you will want to hire a professional to do the work. You might even be able to locate someone that can also spread grass seed for you. Just make sure that the correct grass seed is used so the new growth will blend in with the rest of the yard.

You should now start to try to locate the different tree and stump removal companies in your area. There might even be some independent contractors that have experience with this type of work. You can use an online search engine to locate such companies and contractors. Then again, you might get some good referrals from previous customers by asking for information via your town's social media page. Many people enjoy giving referrals and sharing their experience with a company or contractor they have used in the past. They can let you know how well they liked the results of the stump removal that was completed on their property.