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Can A Tree Service Save Your Dying Tree?

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Do you have a tree in your yard that appears to really be ailing? Maybe it is losing leaves or they are turning yellow. Some branches may already be dead, and others look wilted and sad. In many cases, removing the tree is going to be the best choice. But if you are really attached to the tree, a tree service might be able to save it with one or more of the following services. There are no guarantees; many trees die anyways. However, you might decide it's worth a shot.

Fungicide Sprays and Injections

If the tree care expert looks at your tree and determines that it has a fungal disease, they may try spraying it with fungicides. Sometimes, they may also inject fungicides into the tree's trunk. The fungicides should kill the infectious fungi so it stops spreading. Whether they are effective will often depend on the stage of infection that the tree is in. If the infection has already harmed the tree's vascular tissue, then the tree may die anyways, since it won't be able to get water and nutrients to its leaves. On the other hand, if a tree receives treatment in the earlier stages of infection, it will often recover within a few growing seasons.


If the tree care expert finds that your tree is plagued by insects such as aphids or beetles, then they can spray or inject the tree with insecticides. Again, whether or not this is successful will depend on the bugs involved and how much damage they have caused. For instance, an ash tree infested with emerald ash borers will only recover if treated very aggressively and very early. On the other hand, a peach tree infected with aphids is far more likely to make a comeback after insecticide treatments.

Deep Fertilization

Regardless of why the tree is languishing, the tree care company may offer a service called deep fertilization. They'll inject fertilizer deep into the soil where the tree's roots can readily access it. This ensures the tree is quickly able to get the resources it needs to regrow its branches and regain its health. This can be combined with insecticides or fungicides, if needed.

If your tree is dying, there may be a way to save it. Talk to an arborist about these options, and see whether they think you have a good shot if you try.

Reach out to a local tree care service for more information.