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Getting The Stump Out Of Your Yard After Removing A Large Tree

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Removing a tree from your yard or property may be necessary for many reasons. However, once the tree is cut and removed, you will need to deal with the stump, or it could eventually become a problem. 

Stump Grinding

One of the most popular stump removal options is to have a stump grinding service chip the stump into little pieces with a stump grinder. The grinder looks like a large saw mounted on a frame, with a circular blade and very aggressive teeth similar to those on a chainsaw. 

As the blade spins, the operator passes the blade back and forth over the surface of the stump, removing material and creating wood chips that can go back into the hole that removing the stump creates. Over time, the wood chips break down and rot, leaving behind natural fertilizer.

You may eventually need to add more fill dirt over the chips to ensure there is no dip in the ground, but this method works well for most stumps and leaves the yard looking better than if you left a large stump after cutting the tree down.

Excavating The Stump

In some cases, the stump from an old tree will be large enough that it requires a machine like an excavator to remove it. Stump removal is often on the list of things an excavation company will do for you, but some stump removal services have the equipment to excavate the stump.

The operator will dig around the stump to free it from the soil, then a chain or strap is used to secure the stump to the excavator and pull it from the ground. The stump can then be loaded on a truck and hauled away. If the stump is extremely large, the stump removal service may cut it into pieces before they try and remove it, making it easier for the excavator to handle and allowing it to fit in the truck once it is out of the soil.

Stump Blasting

In some situations, the stump you need to get out of the ground is so large and stubborn that the best way to free them is to use explosives and blast the tree stump into pieces. Stump removal services will need to apply for permits and follow the safety regulations for blasting before they can remove a stump this way. However, if there are no other options and the stump is presenting an issue or blocking some new construction, it may be worth the cost and time involved. 

Blasting a stump out is dangerous, and most stump removal services will use a blasting contractor, or they may have someone trained to do these types of removals to run the operation. While extremely effective, it is critical that all the safety steps are followed carefully to ensure the job is successful, and no one gets injured. 

Contact a local stump removal service to learn more.