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What Mistakes Do People Make When Pruning Their Trees?

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Pruning can have an immensely positive impact on the growth and development of your trees. This is because it eliminates the damaged and weak branches and stimulates the growth of better-quality ones. Also, it removes pests and disease-infected parts for healthier growth. However, ensure the person who prunes your trees has the proper training and experience for the best outcome. Here are some mistakes people make during pruning and how to avoid them. 

Poor Quality Cuts

Open wounds on the tree can lead to infection. Hence, since pruning involves cutting through the branches, it may expose the inner parts to germs in the environment. So if you handle pruning as a DIY project, you may not know what you are doing, and you could end up damaging the tree by opening it up to infections. Given this, it is best to involve a pruning expert who understands the procedure and uses the right tools.

Over-Pruning the Tree

DIY enthusiasts often over-prune trees during the growing season. Note that while you can prune your trees in any season, there is a risk of overdoing it, especially in the expansive growth season. Remember, this is the time of year when the trees need the most sunlight and other nutrients. So, when you overdo it, you expose them to countless dangers, including malnutrition. On the other hand, an expert will study the percentage of the branches they are supposed to cut off before starting the process. Remember that trees need their leaves to convert nutrients using sunlight; therefore, removing too many leaves can potentially kill them.

Using Poor Quality Tree Service Tools

The quality of the tools you use for the pruning process determines whether you will have a positive outcome. In this case, using blunt and low-quality tools will injure the tree significantly. The same applies to situations where you do not know the ideal pruning techniques. On the other hand, an expert will sharpen and improve the pruning tools before using them on your trees.

Topping the Tree

Topping is a technique that can cause more harm than good. Note that this removes most or the entire top part of a tree. Ultimately, most people try it when they want to control the tree's height. However, let a professional determine whether this technique might have more risks than benefits before trying it.

These are some mistakes people make when pruning their trees without professional help. So, speak to tree care experts about any process you do not understand, and let them prune your trees back to health. Remember, it will be simpler and more productive when the experts handle it.

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