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Have A Sick Tree Removed Before It Falls In A Storm

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If you have a tree in your yard that's dying, it could become a safety risk when it gets weak enough to fall in a storm. Consider calling a tree removal company to cut the tree down before your property is damaged or a person is hurt by falling branches or a toppled tree. Here's what to expect with the tree removal process.

A Few Preparations May Need To Be Done First

Your city might need to approve removing a mature tree. If so, you'll want to get started on that process in case it takes several days or more for the codes officer to check your tree and grant approval. Even if your tree is a protected species, there probably won't be an issue with removing it if the tree is a safety hazard.

You may need to clear space for the work crew since the tree removal company may bring a lot of equipment with them. They may need a crane, mulching truck, and dump truck, and the equipment needs to be parked close to your house to collect the debris. They'll also need to establish a drop zone around the tree where everything needs to be cleared away so nothing is damaged by falling branches.

The Tree Is Cut And Removed In Pieces

If the tree is on a city lot and close to your house or a neighbor's property, the tree removal company will probably remove the tree in chunks starting at the top. This reduces the risk of property damage and controls how the tree pieces fall. If the tree is weak, they'll probably work from a crane so they don't have to climb in the tree.

The tree removal process can take hours depending on the size of the tree, where the tree is positioned, and how hard the wood is. Even if the tree is growing against your house, a tree removal company can safely remove it, although the process will be slower than if the tree is growing in the open.

Cutting down a tree generates a lot of debris. Small bushy branches may be mulched on the spot to make them smaller and easier to haul away. Big chunks of the trunk will be lifted into a dump truck and hauled away so you don't have to deal with any debris.

You may want some mulch, but you might want to reconsider if the tree is sick since you might spread the disease or insect infestation to other trees if you spread the mulch around your yard.