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Preparing Your Lawn For Winter? 3 Smart Reasons To Hire A Residential Tree Service

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As the daylight hours shorten and temperatures begin to cool, homeowners across the nation are busy preparing their landscaping for the upcoming winter weather. While many jobs, like raking leaves and spreading mulch, are good DIY projects, most homeowners lack the knowledge, skill or equipment to handle tasks related to trees. Homeowners who find themselves in this position may find themselves inspired to hire a residential tree service after reading the following information. 

Tree health assessment 

One of the most important reasons to hire a residential tree service during the fall is to inspect trees to see if they have any issues that could make them vulnerable to the coming winter weather. Trees that are weakened by damage, age, or disease are much more at risk of toppling over than those that are strong and healthy. When a tree is weakened or damaged, it may not be able to withstand the pressure of strong winds or the weight of ice without shedding large limbs or falling. Homeowners who have trees located near homes, garages, power lines, fences, or vehicle parking areas should be especially vigilant about scheduling a residential tree service to assess the condition of their trees each fall. 

Shaping for wind resistance and more even growth

Even young, healthy trees can benefit from some expert trimming during the late fall or early winter when the sap levels have fallen and the tree is dormant. Careful shaping can help young trees grow more evenly by helping to correct balance issues and remove uneven growth that can make trees more susceptible to damage from wind or ice. 

Inspecting for pest damage

Another reason to include a visit from a residential tree service as part of preparing your lawn for winter is to be vigilant about pest issues that could damage or kill the trees in your lawn and endanger those of neighboring homeowners. Several types of destructive boring insects, as well as other pests, can infest trees and inflict damage that homeowners may not notice. Residential tree services are trained to recognize the signs of infestation and help homeowners decide on the best course of action to address the problem. 

Strong, healthy trees provide enjoyment for your family and add value to your home and property. Homeowners who want to ensure that their trees have what they need to provide years of enjoyment can rely on the knowledge and guidance of a reputable residential tree service to protect the health of their trees. 

Contact a local tree service to learn more about steps you can take to get prepared for winter.