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Stump Grinding Gets Rid Of A Stump Fast And Eliminates A Rotting Stump From Your Yard

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If you've had an ugly tree stump in your yard for years, call a stump grinding service to eliminate the stump so you can reclaim your yard. It can take a couple of decades for a stump to decay, and during that time, the stump is a safety hazard, and it attracts pests to your yard. Stump grinding is an easy and convenient way to get rid of a stump no matter its size. Here are some things to know.

Stump Grinding Removes Roots Below The Ground

A stump grinder chews down the stump that's above the ground, and it also digs below the soil to remove the roots. This is important because the roots could send up new growth or get in the way of planting another tree. With the roots gone, you can reclaim the space and plant grass seeds, sod, plants, or another tree.

The Hole Is Filled When The Roots Are Gone

There could be a sizable hole left behind once the stump and roots are removed. The hole could be a safety hazard, so the tree service will probably fill the hole with dirt and straw so your lawn is level. They might top the filled hole with seeds so grass starts growing over the area right away.

The Cost Depends On The Diameter Of The Stump

The cost for stump grinding depends on the diameter of the stump. Other factors might come into play too, such as if the stump is a hard or soft wood. The stump grinding service has equipment of various sizes so they can grind large stumps and small ones fairly quickly. However, the equipment they use depends on where the stump is located and if they have to pass through a gate to reach the stump.

The Debris Is Hauled Away

If you have a need for the wood shavings left behind, you can keep them for your own use. However, if you don't want them, the stump grinding service may be able to haul them away for you so your yard looks nice and tidy. Grinding a stump, especially a large one, creates a lot of debris. Some can even fly against your house or land in your plants, so the contractor might put up tarps or use other means of protecting your property from flying debris.

If you need a stump removed from your yard, talk to a stump grinding professional about the cost and the steps involved. Grinding could eliminate a stump in a single day while waiting for the stump to decompose could take many years. For more information, contact a local company, like Live On Tree Service.