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3 Tips For Dealing With Fallen Trees After A Storm

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After a strong windstorm, such as a hurricane, tornado, or windy thunderstorm, blows through your area, there is a good chance that the winds will leave you with some damaged trees. When you have a damaged tree following a storm, there are a few things you need to do.

Tip #1: Contact Your Insurance Company

If you have a downed tree on your property, you will want to consider contacting your insurance company. Many homeowner's insurance policies cover storm damage. If the tree hits your vehicle, you may need to contact your auto insurance provider as well.

If the tree was not already showing signs that it was weak, such as a rotting tree that you should have removed on your own, and they determine the tree's falling was not predictable, they may help to pay to remove it.

You are going to want to take pictures and bring your insurance company into the picture.

Tip #2: Watch Out for Wires

When a tree falls on your property, you are going to want to watch out for wires. Keep an eye out for any down wires on your property. If the tree came in contact with any electrical wires, you will want to call your electrical company and inform them of the down wire right away.

You will want to stay away from the down wires until the electric company can come, fix the wire, and make things safe again. After a storm, it may take some time for the electrical company to get to your home and deal with the wire.

Tip #3: Call a Tree Company

Next, you are going to want to call a tree company. After a strong storm in your area, they are going to have lots of work to do. That is why you will want to get in a call to them and get on their service list as soon as possible.

The tree company may have to use specialized equipment to remove the tree from your property with a fallen tree safely. They will use equipment such as chainsaws, grapple trucks, and even a woodchipper to help remove the tree and the debris it leaves behind from your property. They will have to work to carefully remove the tree from your property to ensure that no further damage is sustained.

They can also inspect any trees that were damaged by other falling trees. If any trees were hit by other trees or become uprooted from the storm, they can remove those trees from your property as well.

After a big storm, if you have fallen trees on your property, take pictures, contact your insurance company, be aware of down wires, and call a tree company to assist you with removing the tree. For more information, contact a local tree removal service, like Pete & Ron's Tree Service, Inc.