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2 Things A Tree Service Can Do For You

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Before winter weather gets bad and you get storms that might knock over your trees, you want to make sure that you have gotten rid of all the trees that are at risk for falling over in a storm. While a really severe storm might end up knocking over any tree, there are going to be trees that are more likely to fall over than others. In order to deal with those trees and to know which trees are likely to fall over, you need to have the professionals help you with the issue. There are several things that a tree removal service can do to help you in this case. 

Evaluate the Trees

One thing that the tree service is going to do is to look at all your trees and tell you which ones they think will cause problems. The people looking at your trees can also evaluate the branches of your trees so that they can tell you which ones are at risk of falling on your house, your car, or electrical wires. Once the tree service has looked at all the trees on your property, they will be able to tell you which trees are at risk and tell you what their suggestions are. After they have told you what their suggestions are, you will have a chance to discuss what you should do. 

Remove the Trees

If you have made the decision to remove a tree and or any limbs, the tree service will be to do that for you. When a tree gets removed, there is a lot that has to be done to it. Before they do anything, the tree service is going to have to figure out the safest place for the tree to land and how to bring it down without hurting anyone or causing any damage. They may also start taking down the tree in pieces, like cutting off limbs and taking off the top of the tree. The tree service will do this if the tree is too big to bring down safely in the space that they have to work with. Check to see what your contract says about the tree service taking the debris of the tree away with them, and see if you need to arrange that. 

If you are worried about whether a particular tree is going to survive the winter without falling over, then you should have a tree service come and take a look at the trees for you. 

For more information on tree removal, reach out to a local tree service.