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4 Tools To Use When Trimming Your Trees

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When you trim your trees, you want to use the right tools. Using the right tools will allow you to make clean cuts that will properly heal and protect the overall health of your tree. Using the wrong tools, and leaving behind rough cuts, can compromise the overall health of your tree. 

Hedge Shears

The first tool that you can use are hedge shears. Hedge shears are manually powered cutting tools. Hedge shears are designed to be used to cut small branches. They are great when you need to trim small trees in your yard, or you need to trim off unwanted new growth on larger trees. These are great for quick, clean cuts on branches that are not that wide.  

Pruning Saws

A pruning saw is usually either powered by a battery or by a gas mower. A pruning saw is attached to a long handle that allows for the saw to be used to cut branches that are located a little higher up. A pruning saw is used for removing branches that are high up in a tree without having to get on a ladder. A pruning saw allows you to stay on the ground while letting you cut thick branches and tall branches.  

When you use a pruning saw, you should wear goggles to keep debris from falling into your eyes.  

Scissor-Action Lopping Shears

Another great tool is scissor-action lopping shears. These types of shears have a long handle on them. The long handle helps extend your reach when you are pruning your trees, and it can help give you leverage when you are cutting through a stubborn branch. These are a great cutting tool for really thick branches.  

Scissor-Action & Anvil-Action Pruning Shears

Finally, you have scissor-action and anvil-action pruning shears. These are hand-held cutters that are really small. They are made for cutting small branches, and can be used on bushes or on young, immature trees for pruning purposes. They will not be much good for pruning a more developed tree.  

When you prune your trees, make sure you use sharp tools that will allow you to make a clean cut. You should also make sure you are protected with thick gloves and goggles to keep shavings from getting in your eyes. If you need assistance trimming your trees, hire a professional tree service to take care of the job for you. They will have all the right tools to make nice, clean cuts.  

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