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What To Expect From A Tree Removal Service

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Trees can provide shade, fruit, and interest to any landscape. However, in some cases you may want a tree removed, either because it poses a safety risk or because you'd like to utilize the space for something else. Removing a tree yourself is a hefty task. Depending on the size of the tree, it can even be dangerous. A full tree removal service can perform the job for you. Here's what you can expect from a full tree removal service:

1. They will give you an estimate.

Before starting work, your tree removal service will give you an estimate based on the scope of the project. Most tree removal services charge by the hour, and they will be able to judge how long tree removal will take based on the size and location of your tree. Certain factors may affect the price. Trees that are close to electrical lines and other hazards are more dangerous to remove, and this may affect the cost. Ask your tree removal service for a contract before they begin the work.

2. They will remove the wood.

Once your tree has been cut down, a full tree removal service will haul it away. Other discount services may charge less, but they will also leave the tree in your yard so you have to deal with it. A tree removal service will break down the tree and either haul it away for lumber or reduce it to small pieces in a wood chipper for easy disposal.

3. They will repair any downed telephone lines.

In most cases, your tree removal service will not damage any nearby structures or cords. The experts doing the removal will take the utmost care to avoid causing such damage. However, accidents can sometimes happen, especially in times of high wind. If telephone lines are damaged in the course of tree removal, a member of the tree removal team will be able to repair them.

4. They will remove the stump.

After your tree has been cut down, a stump will remain. You have a couple of different options to get rid of it. If you choose total stump removal, your tree removal service will dig up the stump, roots and all. This is more labor-intensive than the second option, and it will also leave a hole in your yard. The tree removal service can also grind your stump down. The roots will remain intact underground, but all the visible stump will be leveled to the ground.

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