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Dealing With The Aftermath Of A Major Storm? What To Do About Weather-Damaged Trees

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With a brutal winter finally coming to a close, many homeowners are assessing and preparing to tackle the damage left behind by months of fierce winds, heavy rains, and thick layers of ice and snow. In addition to their home and other structures, homeowners must also deal with any damage done to the mature trees on their property. Left unattended, tears and breaks in the bark, trunks, or major limbs of the tree can make it more susceptible to insect infestation and decay and even weaken or kill the entire tree. If the trees in your yard were impacted by winter weather, here are some tips to help restore their strength and health. 

Make sure that no power lines are affected 

When trees become damaged at any time of the year from extreme weather, their height can bring them into contact with any power lines that may be in the area. In many, but not all, cases a power outage will result. Homeowners who find that one or more of their trees are now touching any overhead power line should immediately contact their local utility service and prevent any of their family members or pets from going near the tree until the situation has been remedied. 

Inspect each tree as soon as possible

Once it has been ascertained that no dangers from power lines exists, homeowners should take a close look at their trees. At first glance, trees that have been damaged by storms can look much worse than they really are, especially if there are a lot of smaller broken branches. To determine the real extent of any damage, homeowners will want to carefully examine each tree.

The most serious issues will be those that affect the integrity of the entire tree, such as when the trunk or a major limb has split apart, when the tree is leaning or fallen, or when the damage encompasses a large portion of the tree's canopy, roots, or trunk system. 

Consult with a reputable tree trimming service

Trees that escaped serious damage may only require the homeowner to pick up any downed twigs and limbs and rake up and remove debris. Trees with more severe damage may require careful trimming and monitoring to recover, or removal, if the damage is too extensive. 

By contacting a reputable tree trimming service, homeowners can get professional advice to help them make the right decision for each of their weather damaged trees. For more information, contact local professionals like those found at Houston Tree Service Team.