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Pruning Trees: Why, When, And How

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Trees are gorgeous plants that not only provide oxygen, but they also offer shade, add beauty to your yard, and sometimes are reminders of memories passed (trees planted in memoriam or trees your children used for climbing). Whatever purpose or meaning your trees have for you, it's important to take good care of your trees in order for them to grow and continue being healthy. Pruning your trees is one way to keep your trees healthy and to promote growth. See below for tips and information on when and how to prune your trees.

When To Prune Trees

Trees should be pruned before they are flowering or growing their leaves. Sometime in the early part of spring is the best time. Be sure to wait until the coldest part of the season is over with, so don't try to go out on a warmer day in winter. If your trees are fruit trees, you can wait until they begin to flower to know which branches are dead so you know which branches to trim.

How To Prune Trees

Large and small trees should be treated differently.

Large. Large trees have much larger branches that take a professional to trim them. Leave larger trees alone and hire a professional instead. They know which branches to trim and which ones to leave alone, and they have the proper equipment to get the job done safely.

Small. Smaller trees can be done by yourself. Trim branches using pruning shears. Make sure they are clean before using them to help prevent the spread of disease to your healthy trees. Trim branches that are dead and remove broken branches. When trimming, trim the branch close to the trunk, but not too close. Also be sure not to leave a stump, as smaller twigs will grow out of the stump. Trim branches that are growing too narrow to the trunk (adjacent to the trunk), as well as sprouts growing straight up. Remove any growth at the base of the trunk. Be sure to thin out branches that are crossing each other or that are too thick. Remember to pay attention to the shape of your tree when trimming. You don't want your tree to lose the proper shape when trimming.

Tree trimming and pruning large trees should be done by an arborist, but smaller trees can be done by yourself. Pay attention and take your time when pruning to keep your tree beautiful and to help promote health and growth.