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Have Palm Trees In Your Yard? Get Routine Tree Care To Avoid Common Problems

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Palm trees grow well in tropical climates, but it is still possible for them to have a host of issues. They are well adapted to handle hurricane conditions by moving with the heavy winds. These trees can also provide homeowners with a lot of shade when they grow into maturity and their fronds tower over homes. But, while you may have an okay time with maintaining them on your own, you should consider routine tree care as a means to avoid common problems and to ensure a long and healthy life for your palm trees.

Correct Water Distribution Each Season

Each tree needs a certain amount of water to grow and stay healthy. A palm tree located directly in the sun all day long is typically going to require more water than one that is partially in the shade. This is not always the case, such as if the tree is located where the water builds up after a storm. A tree care professional will assess your landscape and each tree to come up with a watering routine for each one. Since watering too much or not enough can kill a palm tree, you do not want to make this mistake.

Proper Pruning and Skirt Removal

Palm trees are a unique kind of tree because they operate differently than most trees. For instance, you might think that you should remove the fronds when they are brown, but this is not always the case. These fronds can actually provide the tree with beneficial nutrients and even provide protection. With a routine tree care plan, you will always know which ones should be left alone and which ones must be removed.

Skirt removal is another thing that you may want to let professionals handle. It is possible to do it on your own, but your trees will benefit more from having skirts of dead leaves, especially throughout summertime.

Keep Tree Snakes Away

If you have small dogs or cats that go outside, you might be worried about snakes. Brown tree snakes are problematic to have on your landscape, and you may be finding them on a regular basis. Since they can hide in palm trees, you should avoid rustling with the skirt as you do not want to bring one out. If you want to have the skirt removed to get rid of snake hiding spots, it is best in professional hands. They will know how to avoid a dangerous confrontation with one of these snakes when it feels threatened.

Palm trees are beautiful and fairly easy to maintain, but you should look into routine tree care service to keep the trees on your property healthy and to avoid some of the issues that can come with them. For more tree care tips, contact a company like Carlos Tree Service Inc.