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Answering Common Questions About Tree Removal

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The trees that are on your property can be a source of beauty and shade. However, it is an unfortunate fact that you will likely need to have one or more of the trees removed at some point or another. If you are unfamiliar with tree removal, you might benefit from having a couple of the more routine questions about this task answered.

Should You Remove Trees That Are Close to Your House?

There are many homeowners that enjoy the shade and privacy that having trees close to the house can provide. Unfortunately, having these plants close to the house can pose a serious threat to your home.

When you have trees close to the house, it can be possible for the branches that hang over the roof to cause serious damages. This stems from the fact that leaves and sticks can be more likely to accumulate on the roof, and this accumulation can contribute to rot. Also, it is possible for the roots of a tree to damage the foundation. In fact, tree roots can cause a home's foundation to suffer extreme cracking and other issues.

To help you determine whether it is necessary to remove the trees that are close to your home, you should schedule an appointment with a treeremoval expert. These professionals will have the tools needed to map the location of the roots of the trees around your home. Once you are armed with this knowledge, it will be easier to determine whether the trees pose a threat to your foundation.

What Should You Expect from the Tree-Removal Process?

During the process of removing a tree, licensed tree-removal technicians from a company such as Hodgson's Expert Tree Service can use special tools to cut the tree into a series of sections from the top to the bottom. This is safer than simply cutting the tree down at the base, as it can be difficult to know where the tree will land. Those that are concerned about this process being inconvenient should be relieved to learn that they will not have to be home for this work to be done as long as they can provide the contractors with access to their property.

Also, you should be aware that many tree-removal providers do not include stump removal in their basic offering. Rather, this is an additional service due to the extremely specialized set of tools and equipment that is needed to either pull the stump out of the ground or grind it as low as possible. While this may tempt you to skip having the stump removed, this can lead to insect problems and erosion issues as the wood decays and rots away.