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Arrange To Keep Your Mulch For These Jobs After Your Trees Are Trimmed

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When you hire a tree service for a major job, the crew will likely arrive not only with their cutting tools, but also with a brush chipper. Instead of hauling away the trimmings after the cutting work is done, the crew will feed the branches into the chipper to make mulch. In most cases, the crew will depart with the mulch, but if you ask in advance, you can often negotiate a deal for keeping this valuable material for yourself. Whether you begin using it right away or pile it in your yard to use on an as-needed basis over the coming months, here are some ways that you can put your mulch to use.

Around Your Trees

If you've ever run into problems cutting the grass directly around your trees, mulch can be the answer. Instead of risking damage to the tree by hitting it with the lawnmower or adding to your weekly workload by getting out the weed trimmer, dig a shallow circle around the base of the tree and fill it with a few scoops of your mulch. In addition to being visually appealing, this will allow you to easily cut around the trees whenever you mow the lawn.

In Your Gardens

When added to your garden, mulch can be effective at inhibiting the growth of weeds. You'll need to add the mulch carefully so you don't harm your existing plants, but adding a layer of mulch can transform the look of your vegetable or flower garden, while also lessening the time that you spend weeding throughout the growing season. Mulch is also valuable in this capacity because of its ability to retain water. This means that after the rain or after you water the garden, the soil will remain moist for longer than usual given the ability of the mulch to trap in the moisture.

In Your Compost

Mulch can also be valuable to add to your compost bin to provide nutrients. There are plenty of valuable nutrients in the leaves and wood of the mulch, which can enrich the nutrient value of the compost material for when you dig it into your garden the following spring. Some people occasionally add thin layers of mulch to their compost bin occasionally that the makeup of the material in the bin is varied. This is especially useful if you don't spend much time thoroughly mixing the compost before you add it to your garden.

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