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Looking To Increase The Rent On Your Rental? Enhance Curb Appeal With Trees

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Renting out your property and living in the home are two unique living situations. As the owner, you should feel confident making adjustments or additions that cater to what you want in a home. When managing a rental, you want to do things that make it tempting for a person to put in an application. Beautifying the front with a bold front door, fresh exterior paint job, and a healthy lawn will help, but you can take it a step further by incorporating trees into your rental to drastically improve the curb appeal.

Take Placement into Consideration

Having the healthiest trees on your property is not going to sell it alone. Proper placement is crucial, so this is something you should focus on before you try to move into the tree planting stage. An excellent example of a beautiful and well-organized landscape includes a background tree from the backyard, a tree to the side of the front yard, and a smaller tree between the front door and the garage. It is important not to drown out the attractiveness of your home, but to add to it with strategically placed trees.

Pick Easy-to-Maintain Trees

If you want high-maintenance trees that provide you with visual satisfaction, you just have to maintain them. But maintaining a rental is different as you do not want to encroach on your tenants. It is best not to expect your tenant to know everything about maintaining trees, especially the ones you have. So picking a low-maintenance tree such as the 'Green Vase' Zelkova is a great addition. It can handle a wide variety of conditions ranging from complete sun to only partial, as well as drought and wind. This will help you feel better about the health of the tree at any time, even in years with non-ideal climate conditions.

Provide Shade for Your Tenants

When improving curb appeal, you can use shade trees to provide multiple benefits. In the backyard, they provide comfort and relaxation on summer days. If a tree canopy shades the house, it provides energy savings. For front yard growth, it can provide lots of shade to the driveway or walkway to your house. If your tenant parks their car in the driveway, they will enjoy the protection against paint oxidation. For quick growth, a nice canopy, and impressive curb appeal, you cannot go wrong with the Northern red oak.

Improving curb appeal with trees is a great way to increase how much rent you can charge on your rental. Contact a company like ISA Texas Chapter for more information about trees to consider for rental property.