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3 Mistakes To Avoid When Trimming A Tree

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Pruning a tree helps to encourage new growth and remove dead wood. Mistakes can be made during pruning that could lead to long-term harm of the tree. If you are planning to prune your trees, here are some of the most common mistakes to avoid.

Cutting Off the Top

When a tree grows too tall, trimming it is a way of reducing its overall size. However, the wrong trim could be damaging. Some homeowners have made the mistake of simply cutting off all of the top of the tree until it was at the desired height.

The tree has various components that contribute to its growth. Those components extend throughout the tree. When you cut off the top without careful consideration, you can send the tree into shock and it can start to grow in a strange pattern.

To trim the tree so that the size is reduced without ruining it over a long-term, you should focus on trimming the lateral branches. The tree's size will be cut while still leaving it with the components needed for future growth.

Removing the Flowers

When the spring and summer months arrive, you want the flowers on the trees to bloom and create a beautiful feature to your yard. Unfortunately, if you inadvertently trim the buds of the flowers at the wrong time of the year, there will be no flowers.

Timing the trimming of your tree is important. If you trim your trees late in the summer, next season's bloom could be impacted. Ideally, you should trim the tree towards the end of the blooming season so that the buds will have time to form.

Trimming Too Much

Unless you have professional experience with trimming trees, it is easy to accidentally trim more of your tree off than is necessary. If you remove too much of the tree, it can suffer problems with structural support and nutrition. Certain components of the tree are needed to transport nutrients to other areas of the tree.

Never trim a tree by cutting off several branches at once. This is the easiest way to cut off more than is necessary. You need to instead trim the tree one branch at a time. After a few branches, take the time to assess your progress.

Trees are not only important to your landscape, but they are a crucial element of the environment. To preserve the trees in your yard and avoid making mistakes, contract with a professional tree service. 

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