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3 Reasons To Prune Your Trees Regularly

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Providing Aesthetic Appeal

When it comes to curating a neighborhood's aesthetics, often regulations are put in place that mandate particular types of trees or maintenance. This helps ensure landscapes maintain a certain visual quality that keep the neighborhood looking neat and attractive. Sometimes large trees can obscure views and are trimmed to prevent hindering the horizon. Office parks and shopping malls maintain a particular visual style through trimming their trees, which becomes a part of their brand's image. If your trees are overgrown and shaggy, it is a good reason to call in a tree service and have them trimmed down.

Tree Health and Growth

Trimming a tree for looks or to clear up a view is far from the only reason trimming can be a good idea. Sometimes infectious diseases will attack your tree, which can harm a tree, and sometimes trimming its branches are the only effective way to prevent it from spreading. Other reasons for trimming trees may include exterminating pesky insects like aphids and mites who live in branches of trees.

Prevent Hazardous Situations

Power companies are very familiar with the dangers that trees can pose. Although they may seem harmless, a tree that grows into a power line can become a fire hazard and cause a dangerous situation in the event of a storm. If a large tree falls onto a power line and brings it down to street level, it poses a great danger to any children or passersby that may become electrocuted by the obstructed power line. Preventative trimming is the only way to try to stay ahead of dangerous situations like this. Other times, trees can die or become too sick to properly support themselves and pose a threat by falling. Removing the majority of heavy, overhanging branches can reduce the potential damage area greatly.  Sometimes a tree may grow tall and reach over your driveway and while it may not be a physical hindrance, but certain trees like Maples produce a lot of sap, which can be detrimental by dripping on a car.

If you have trees in your yard, it is important to have them trimmed and pruned regularly to keep your yard looking great, keep your trees healthy, and keep your family and others safe. If you've never had your trees trimmed, or its been a long time since you have, call in the services of a professional right away. 

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