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Four Ways Homeowners May Accidentally Kill Their Own Trees

Mature trees aren’t just attractive; they’re also worth quite a lot of money. For a homeowner, a tree that is ten or twenty years old could be worth many thousands of dollars. Because of that, it’s often ideal to hire a professional arborist to inspect and care for the tree at least periodically. There are […]

Looking To Increase The Rent On Your Rental? Enhance Curb Appeal With Trees

Renting out your property and living in the home are two unique living situations. As the owner, you should feel confident making adjustments or additions that cater to what you want in a home. When managing a rental, you want to do things that make it tempting for a person to put in an application. […]

Three Pitfalls To Avoid When You’re Using A Rented Stump Grinder In Your Backyard

If you have some experience working with large outdoor machines for DIY projects, renting a stump grinder to remove a tree stump in the middle of your backyard instead of hiring someone else must be a tempting option. But while a stump grinder isn’t so complicated that an amateur can’t use it effectively, you’ll need […]

2 Types Of Beetles That Can Infest Your Western White Pine

The western white pine tree is a tall, narrow noble-looking pine tree that has beautiful green needles, a grayish white bark, and long dangling cones. The western white pine tree is an amazing accent to any property or large yard but only if the tree is kept healthy and thriving. Part of keeping the tree […]

Renovation Steps After Stump Removal

It’s a wise decision to remove a sickly or dead tree from your lawn, both from a safety and an aesthetic standpoint. The issue is what to do with the stump after the tree comes down. Stump grinding is generally the preferred solution. It’s quick and it doesn’t require any heavy equipment to be driven […]

Three Ways To Make New Plants Thrive When Replanting After Stump Removal

If you’ve recently had a stump removal performed from your yard, you might be ready to plant something new in the same spot or nearby. However, replanting isn’t as easy as just throwing down some seeds or dropping a seedling into the pit left by the stump, especially if the tree you removed was diseased. […]

3 Mistakes To Avoid When Trimming A Tree

Pruning a tree helps to encourage new growth and remove dead wood. Mistakes can be made during pruning that could lead to long-term harm of the tree. If you are planning to prune your trees, here are some of the most common mistakes to avoid. Cutting Off the Top When a tree grows too tall, […]

Three Signs A Tree May Need Urgent Removal

If you’re looking at buying a home with large, older trees in the yard, you need to take a very close look at those trees. The older and bigger a tree gets, the more opportunities fungi and other pathogens have to harm the tree, to the point of killing it. Trees like this need to […]

3 Essential Precautions To Help Reduce Damage With Tree Removal

Sometimes, having a tree cut down is necessary to protect your home, but it can also cause damage while the job is being done. This is why there are some precautions that you will want to make to ensure your home is safe during a tree removal project. If you want to ensure your home […]

2 Tree Diseases That Can Damage Your Colorado Blue Spruce

The Colorado blue spruce is a tall, classic-looking tree that was deemed noble enough to serve as the state tree in its namesake state. Colorado blue spruces are known for the blue-tinged needles that stay on year-round, though new needles join every spring, and for the bushy base that sits close to the ground. If […]