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Have Stumps In Your Yard? Call A Tree Removal Company

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If you have tree stumps in your yard, you can have them removed by a tree removal company. They'll use what's called a stump grinder to remove stumps that are very close to the ground or so old they're just crumbling away, and if they cannot use a stump grinder, they'll have other means to dig up and remove a tree stump that is unwanted on your property.

Why should you call a tree removal company for the removal of stumps in your yard, other than the fact that these professionals know how to remove a stump quickly and effectively? Here are just a few reasons why this service is necessary. Get a quote for your services from your tree removal company so you can budget accordingly.

The stumps block areas of your yard

Tree stumps take up a lot of space in your yard whether you know it or not. When you have the tree removal company come in and assess whether you need the stumps removed or not, then you can see how having them taken out is a major asset to you. Your investment will help you get more solid square footage in your yard and make the yard look better as well. Once you have the tree stump removed, have the dirt area filled with either grass seed or turf so you can fill the space in.

Your stumps attract pests

Tree stumps attract pests and these pests include mice, wasps, ants, and other pests. If you have any stumps near your main entrances, including the front and back doors, then call your tree removal company to have these stumps taken out right away. The stumps are not only attracting pests, but they are also making the home's curb appeal look bad. As soon as you have the tree removal company come and take out the stumps, you'll notice that you not only don't have that many pests in your yard anymore, but that your whole home's curb appeal is improved as well.

Your stumps can be dangerous

If you have kids that climb on the stumps, they can fall and get hurt or impaled. Stumps can also be a danger to lawn equipment like weed cutters and edgers, lawn mowers, and other pieces of equipment. Full stump removal done by a professional tree removal company — such as MIB Tree Service — is likely the best way to ensure your stumps are properly addressed and they will stay gone permanently as well.