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Three Things You Need To Know About Black Knot Fungus

Black knot fungus is a disease that can affect trees within the Prunus genus. Trees in this genus include trees that produce stone fruits, like cherry trees or peach trees. This disease can destroy not only your backyard fruit crop but your trees themselves; here are three things you need to know about black knot […]

Evergreen Tree Care Tips

Evergreen trees are often seen as low maintenance since they remain green year round and don’t seem as prone to pests or diseases as other types of trees. While this is true to an extent, it’s also important to remember that low maintenance doesn’t mean no maintenance. The following tips will help you keep your […]

2 Tree Diseases That Can Strike The Western Larch

Western larch trees are large, colorful conifers that have pine-like green needles that turn yellow in fall, brown to red cones, and seeds that attract a variety of birds. The larch, which offers different color attractiveness throughout the year, is a great addition to larger homes in need of a combination of ornamental and shade […]

Answering Common Questions About Tree Removal

The trees that are on your property can be a source of beauty and shade. However, it is an unfortunate fact that you will likely need to have one or more of the trees removed at some point or another. If you are unfamiliar with tree removal, you might benefit from having a couple of […]

The Plight Of The Elm Tree: What You Can Do To Help

Elm trees are tall, green and stately components of properties across the United States. Unfortunately, a disease known as Dutch elm disease has been threatening these trees for decades. Caused by three related species of fungi in the Ophiostoma genus, Dutch elm disease is deadly and always claims the lives of trees that it infects. […]

Arrange To Keep Your Mulch For These Jobs After Your Trees Are Trimmed

When you hire a tree service for a major job, the crew will likely arrive not only with their cutting tools, but also with a brush chipper. Instead of hauling away the trimmings after the cutting work is done, the crew will feed the branches into the chipper to make mulch. In most cases, the […]

Four Ways Homeowners May Accidentally Kill Their Own Trees

Mature trees aren’t just attractive; they’re also worth quite a lot of money. For a homeowner, a tree that is ten or twenty years old could be worth many thousands of dollars. Because of that, it’s often ideal to hire a professional arborist to inspect and care for the tree at least periodically. There are […]

Looking To Increase The Rent On Your Rental? Enhance Curb Appeal With Trees

Renting out your property and living in the home are two unique living situations. As the owner, you should feel confident making adjustments or additions that cater to what you want in a home. When managing a rental, you want to do things that make it tempting for a person to put in an application. […]